• HMI Label Feeder

    Through years of development, HMI Label Feeders are equipped with ingenious IML design overcoming hard conditions and offering highly profitable IML process to customers.



    Special Design

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    Label Aligner


    The exclusive smile shape label-position-adjusting mechanism. with incredible effectiveness that always makes customers impressed.

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    Electrostatic Gun


    The 3rd generation electrostatic guns. No need of central generator. They are able to be independently installed, adjusted, fixed and replaced.

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    Brush Separator


    Our new and exclusive brush separator. It is designed for overcoming inferior labels, especially for big size IML.

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    Air-Saving Pump


    Special vacuum pump using less air and making stronger suction without noise and heat.

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    Label Brush


    After picking up labels, the brushes sweep through the edges of labels for facilitating rolling convergence.

  • Top-Entry vs Side-Entry

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    Top-Entry Integrated Systems

    economical and flexible in which the equipped robots are also extendable to other processes besides IML. 

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    Side-Entry Special Purpose Systems

    faster and especially suitable when the height of factory is limited.

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    Blow Molding Label Feeder

    The 3rd-gen system, which has the most comprehensive IML motions and functions based on our years of experience. Equipped with handwheel controller, which enables intuitive operation and relaxes the limitation of operating space. The adjustment mechanism allows adjustable labeling angle, height, and horizontal position.

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